An Ultimate Solution Of All Business

“ Haroon Malik Accounting Services” represents a group of diligent and committed professionals. It is an associated firm of a very eminent organization of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan, UAE which is employing more than 210 employees, having international affiliations with two big accounting firms worldwide and has its offices in numerous cities of Pakistan. We are providing (Accounting Business Consulting Services etc) reliable solutions for all businesses needs.

Our mission is to provide services (Accounting Business Consulting Services etc) par excellence, to create and sustain our clients amongst the top global players in their respective industries, to meet and exceed clients’ expectations by understanding and fulfilling the requirements through Efficient Team, Quality Services, Timely Delivery, Cost Effective Solutions, Value Additions, Innovate Practices, One Stop Solution for all Requirements, Professional and Personalized Services, use of Latest Technology and Latest Infrastructure. An overview of our services is given below:

Taxation (VAT):

  1. VAT registration
  2. Filling of VAT Returns
  3. VAT Risk Management
  4. VAT for E-Commerce
  5. Maintenance of record of VAT matters
  6. Expert Advice on VAT issues
  7. VAT Evaluation and Planning
  8. VAT dispute resolution
  9. Representation before Authorities
  10. VAT Training
  11. Carrying out VAT Audits

Software Solutions:

  1. VAT Complaint Features
  2. Point of Sale Solutions
  3. Inventory Control Management
  4. Payroll Management
  5. Sales and Receivables Management
  6. Purchase and Payable Management
  7. Accounting and Finance
  8. Customization of ERP
  9. Advanced Reporting & Analysis
  10. Production Management Reporting
  11. Warehouse and Location Management
  12. Lot and Serial Control
  13. Post Dated Check (PDC) Management


  1. Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  2. Project Management
  3. Project Feasibility
  4. Financial Projections
  5. Business Evaluation
  6. Financial Modeling
  7. System and Operations Review
  8. Evaluation of internal controls

Business Advisory:

  1. Operations and process improvement
  2. Planning budgeting and forecasting
  3. Merger and Acquisition
  4. Joint Venture and Business Sales
  5. Physical Verification of assets
  6. Cost management and reduction
  7. Feasibility Studies
  8. Supply chain management and implementation
  9. Organizational restructuring
  10. Helping in formation and implementation of internal policies

Corporate Advice:

  1. Drafting of business agreements
  2. Advice on ownership structure of business
  3. Advice on legal issues and court matters
  4. International taxation advice
  5. Advice on repatriation of funds and transfer pricing matters


  1. Maintenance of general and subsidiary ledgers
  2. Controlling the trial balance
  3. Preparation of annual, half yearly, quarterly and monthly financial statements
  4. Preparation of management reports
  5. Accounting advice & technical opinion
  6. Preparation & review of accounting manual
  7. Complying with all the relevant IFRSs
  8. Helping with the presentation of financial statements


  1. Accounting Services 
  2. Day to day bookkeeping
  3. VAT compliance services
  4. Payroll and salary administration
  5. Management of accounts receivables/ customer invoices/ payments
  6. Management of accounts payable/ disbursement/ supplier invoices

Information Technology:

  1. ERP Implementation
  2. Information System Review
  3. Development of IT Strategy
  4. Implementation of off-the shelf ERP
  5. Alignment of IT requirements
  6. IT support to increase value to the business
  7. Provide assistance with the help of SAFASHA solutions

Human Resource (HR):

  1. Recruitment of staff
  2. HR Policies and Job Descriptions
  3. Payroll management and services
  4. Planning of employees’ benefit plans
  5. Succession Planning

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