Well defined internal policies and procedures in line with the expectation of employee behavior and principles will foster a culture of governance and compliance.

Weak policies and procedures reduce the effectiveness of business operations, create dissatisfaction of staff, increased queries, duplication of effort and work, non-compliance and raise governance issues.

As the business entity grows in size, the more formal structure will be required for reporting purposes by Vat consultants. In this regard, we assist business entities in setup policies and procedures or to improve existing policies and procedures that are easy to understand and apply. Our technical experts by way of a wide deposit of bench-marked best practices will develop a plan and implement changes across the organization. Our Professional Chartered Accountant team will take a thorough understanding of the nature of business and accordingly will devise a policies and procedures manual that will be appropriate for the organization including the visual mapping and perspective documents. Policy and Procedures manual will include the following areas:

  • Sales of goods and services, discount matters, sales returns, contracts, receipts mechanism, etc.
  • Purchase/procurement of goods and services, quality check, receiving matters, payments mechanism
  • Hiring and firing of human resources, the job description of every employee, employment benefits, performance increments, and perquisites
  • Purchase of fixed assets, fixed asset register, deprecation issues, revaluation, damage, and maintenance.
  • Supply Chain management
  • Stocks and inventory
  • Trade and other receivables and payable
  • Operational expenses and administrative costs

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help you in internal policies, and your group or company through our Vat Consultants in Dubai. We have sensible Vat consultants in UAE please get in touch and contact us at info@haroonca.com or contact our office directly.