Kashif Yaqoob

Assistant Manager Taxation

Muhammad Kashif Yaqoob, (CAFITP) having Certificate in Accounting and  Finance (CAF) from Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP), Income Tax Practitioner (ITP), member of Lahore Tax Bar Association (LTBA). He is possessing sufficient tax, corporate and accounting experience, ability to work in deadlines, having skills to lead team members, having a charismatic and convincing personality. He has diversified range of experience in Tax and Corporate compliance, Planning and Consultancy including:

  • Filing of annual income tax returns of individuals, AoPs and Companies of different sectors
  • Filing monthly sales tax return under FBR, PRA and SRB
  • Preparation of Records for Tax purposes
  • Filing monthly withholding tax statements
  • Registration of Taxpayers and related matters
  • Income Tax Audit
  • Sales Tax Audit
  • Preparation of workings Under Rule 44 and under section 161 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001
  • Compliance to notices issued by FBR, PRA and SRB for different taxpayers and pursuing their cases in hearing of different cases with DCIR, ACIR at FBR
  • Seeking exemptions from FBR
  • Hearing  with Commissioner Appeals
  • Incorporation of Company and other SECP compliances
  • Book keepings on Quick Books accounting software