VAT Compliance and return filing becomes mandatory once an entity gets Tax registration number, it will be responsible for Charging VAT when a business sells goods or services.

Businesses will be required to file a quarterly declaration of their sales and purchases on the online portal. This statutory declaration will summaries all taxable transactions made in that specific period.

Every VAT return may have different information requirements. In all cases, entities must declare the VAT that has been charged on sales (output VAT) and is allowed to claim back the VAT that has been paid out (input VAT), subject to taxable activity in the particular period.

Our team of VAT experts can provide the following services:

  • Advice on the periodic provision of data
  • Providing a standard data template
  • The platform for information sharing, reminders and file transfer
  • Ongoing compliance advice relating to VAT treatment, exchange rates, and invoice requirements
  • Review and analysis of data and underlying documents
  • Preparation and submission of all statutory reports
  • Dealing with all correspondence from tax offices

It would be delighted to discuss how we can help you with your group or company in UAE regarding VAT Compliances, VAT Returns Filing, VAT registration with UAE tax authority and in getting tax refunds in Dubai or another consultancy for custom duty in UAE. Please get in touch for VAT guidance and updates in UAE or contact us at Alternatively, search on the Federal tax authority (FTA) website or visit our office directly.