E-commerce is the most growing area in the retail sector. Merchants now can reach customers worldwide within seconds through online stores. If an entity is doing business by selling products online through its own website, then it is also very important to know about the VAT obligations of distance selling. Local registration might be required prior to international transactions.

Registration of VAT shall be required with reference to the location of the warehouse of the entity. If an entity has warehouses in more than one country then it has to check and review with reference to the laws of other countries. Once the entity meets the annual threshold criteria with reference to other countries then it must register as a non-resident VAT trader in the country.

Our VAT specialist team will help to establish procedures, guidelines and train the staff members for how to charge VAT, collect the backup, impact of VAT on movement of goods from home state to the state of the customers, how to account for the VAT with reference to other countries regulations and to prepare the VAT return. Furthermore, our services will cover the following areas of business:

  • International VAT obligations as an online retailer
  • VAT impact on holding of stock in any country
  • Distance selling rules and implications of VAT
  • VAT obligations for selling through marketplaces
  • VAT obligations using own website
  • Impact of VAT on exchange rates of currency

We would be delighted to discuss how VAT for E-commerce can help your group or company Federal Tax Authority (FAT), Tax authority UAE. Please get in touch VAT in UAE and contact us at info@haroonca.com or alternatively, contact our office directly.