VAT management is an ongoing challenge for businesses. Businesses need to be considered many factors with the expansion of operations both locally and internationally. Therefore, it is vital to have a partner for VAT consultancy who can guide in all jurisdictions.

Our team of VAT experts can provide the consultancy, including the below:

  • Estimating the impact of VAT on the business
  • Reviewing the business activities and transactions for VAT compliance
  • Determine the impact of VAT on businesses agreements and contracts
  • Impact of VAT on international transactions
  • Dealing with VAT audits and other communication from the VAT authorities
  • Refund management of VAT
  • Keeping businesses up to date about all VAT laws for timely and quality decision making
  • Providing training to employees to ensure grip with all VAT laws and processes and the latest changes

We would be delighted to discuss how we can help your group or company regarding the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), Dubai VAT Tax. Please get in touch with VAT in Dubai and contact us at or alternatively, contact our VAT in Dubai office directly.