Haroon Malik Accounting Services
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We are linked with a top-tiers Pakistani firms, Our team of 210+ thrives seamlessly aligning their expertise! We operate on a global scale, collaborating with two leading accounting entities. This integration enhances our proficiency, propelling our capabilities boosting our accounting smarts!
Founder: Haroon Malik
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Our mission is to provides top-notch Accounting and financial supports while always maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

We're committed to not just meeting but understanding both the current and future needs of our valued clients, enabling them to cultivate sustained success. Our team values each member and client immensely, recognizing and respecting their expertise and unique individuality.

Our vision is clear: to set the Standard of Excellence in the realm of financial consultancy. We achieve this through harnessing the rich experience and expertise of our esteemed team members.

Our aim is to be the foremost choice in the region for individuals and businesses seeking comprehensive financial and professional services. Moreover, we are dedicated to cultivating a nurturing work environment—one where our staff not only thrives but excels within the industry.

At Haroon Malik Accounting Services, We hold the creation of an unparalleled environment for exceptional individuals as a core value. We believe that fostering a culture of innovation and nurturing talent is pivotal in delivering outstanding services to our clients.

We embody an unwavering commitment to the pinnacle of professional values: Integrity, Honesty, Teamwork, Quality, and Innovation. We committed to upholding these values and making a tangible difference in the financial landscape of our clients' businesses.


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We gain a deep understanding of our clients requirements and use our expertise to provide optimum solution.

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We present you the various topics of business consultations.

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We work with premier community development impact investors.

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Raising business development, the involvement of partners.

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We are always looking for specific approach to each cases.

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24/7 Online Support



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