Keeping staff up to date with VAT is an ongoing challenge for businesses operating internationally.

Employees dealing with VAT transactions need to be confident, knowledgeable and proactive. This can be difficult to achieve in practice for even the most determined company, given the complexity of the rules and differences in interpretation that can exist between different tax authorities.

Our team of VAT specialists provide hands-on practical knowledge to people so that they improve VAT compliance which can positively impact on clients’ businesses in way of boosted morale of staff resulting in most efficient operations management. The training includes the following areas:

  • Understanding of VAT concept and its business implications.
  • A complete understanding of the filling of VAT return.
  • A complete understanding of VAT laws and rules.
  • Impact of VAT on international transactions both for supply of goods and services.
  • Impact of exemptions in VAT and how tax is calculated by businesses that deal in exempt supplies.
  • Partial exemptions of VAT issues.
  • Identification of risk behind VAT improper management.
  • Invoicing mechanism.

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